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__geneial_noexport::exports::Fitness< FITNESS_TYPE > Class Template Reference

This class encapsulates the fitness. More...

#include <Fitness.h>

Inheritance diagram for __geneial_noexport::exports::Fitness< FITNESS_TYPE >:

Public Member Functions

 Fitness (FITNESS_TYPE value)
void set (FITNESS_TYPE value)
FITNESS_TYPE get () const
 operator FITNESS_TYPE () const
FITNESS_TYPE operator() () const
virtual bool isValid () const
void print (std::ostream &) const

Detailed Description

template<typename FITNESS_TYPE>
class __geneial_noexport::exports::Fitness< FITNESS_TYPE >

This class encapsulates the fitness.

In most cases this will only encapsulate a single value, However being polymorphic, it enables the user to store other values or states associated with the fitness

This is particulary useful when using scaling or scenarios where the fitness computation is expensive and should be reused.

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