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libGENEIAL - Documentation Guidelines

We stipulate the use of JavaDoc Doxygen syntax as depicted in the following example from the Doxygen Manual.

Note: Whilst Doxygen support other documentation syntax formats (e.g., QT style) , we strongly discourage their use in this projects!

 test class. A more elaborate class description.

class Test
     * An enum.
     * More detailed enum description.

    enum TEnum { 
          TVal1, /**< enum value TVal1.   
          TVal2, /**< enum value TVal2.   
          TVal3  /**< enum value TVal3.   
       *enumPtr, /**< enum pointer. Details. 
       enumVar;  /**< enum variable. Details. 

       * A constructor.
       * A more elaborate description of the constructor.

       * A destructor.
       * A more elaborate description of the destructor.


       * a normal member taking two arguments and returning an integer value.
       * @param a an integer argument.
       * @param s a constant character pointer.
       * @see Test()
       * @see ~Test()
       * @see testMeToo()
       * @see publicVar()
       * @return The test results

       int testMe(int a,const char *s);

       * A pure virtual member.
       * @see testMe()
       * @param c1 the first argument.
       * @param c2 the second argument.

       virtual void testMeToo(char c1,char c2) = 0;

       * a public variable.
       * Details.

       int publicVar;

       * a function variable.
       * Details.

       int (*handler)(int a,int b);